Monday, June 30, 2014

I'm back today to finish what I started yesterday.  I believe we have reading in America covered.  I was especially happy to see all the fiction readers.  That's a big help to me.  I've been under tremendous guilt for years for not reading fiction.  Now I can let that go.  You've got it covered.  I don't know why I've never read fiction, that's just the way it's been all my life.  From time to time I get an urge to reform my ways and leap into fiction with a big splash, only to soon find myself back on the beach reading nonfiction.

Very little of my reading makes good dinner conversation.  I have a quirk that leads people to say I'm 'nosey' but I prefer the word 'curious.'  I have difficulty reading anything that doesn't include people, and those people need to head for cover because I will research them until I know everything it's possible to know about them.  I think that's called obsessive behavior.

My passion in reading has always been government and politics.  Now that I've put myself on a political diet I just read government related things.  I have to know who's who in Washington and every tidbit I can find about these people.  Reading government history certainly puts things in perspective.  There's very little in the political/government world today that hasn't been seen before.

After that, I jump around to what catches my fancy.  Right now I'm totally into space exploration and China as it relates to their space exploration plans, military capabilities, and what their role might be in a cyber war.  Currently I'm reading 'Cyber War' by Richard A Clarke.  It's important to check your resources when doing this kind of reading.  I believe Clarke wrote the hardback of this book in 2010.  It's been on my Kindle for a while.  I knew someday I would want to read it and apparently that time is now.

I have no idea what I'll be obsessed about next but whatever it is I'll be into it 110%.
I need to go for a walk now.  The weatherman tells me beginning tomorrow the weather is going to be wet and nasty.  It's been unusually dry this fall.  By this time it's usually rain, rain everyday.  It's time for that to begin.

Have a great day and keep reading.

Sunday, June 29, 2014

This morning I was reminded how different we are in what we read.  My sister-in law called to tell me how much she was enjoying a book I'd sent her on the subject of mental health.  She went on and on about how that subject fascinates her.  Not me.  You won't find me near those kinds of books.

Art is a subject many people enjoy.  They read about it and visit galleries and museums.  I can't say that's a subject of great interest to me.  When visiting such places I seem to enjoy the modern art most, and tend to like abstract paintings.  That's all I know about art and have no interest in reading about it.

Music is a good one.  The world if full of people who travel great distances to listen to music.  I must have a tin ear.  Tone the noise level down to the level you would use when listening to easy listening music and I can listen to anything and never know the difference.  From time to time I listen to easy listening/background music but that's about it.  I have no interest in reading about musicians.

I always feel dumb when working crossword puzzles because I never know the names of the actors that starred in any movies.  When people refer to movies and tell me the actors in hopes some spark of intelligence will cross my face they're disappointed.  I never read books about movie stars or Hollywood.

Sports is running America.  Sometimes it's hard to find a hole to hide in when the TV comes on for a sporting event.  It's not always safe to be in the room with avid sports fans as they can be dangerous.  I leave all the books on sports for their reading pleasure.

History can be very boring.  I do better reading historical fiction.  I need people in what I read.

I've learned the hard way to stay away from politics and religion.  Neither of those subjects do well in public conversation.  Both were subjects I was passionate about in my younger years.  I've laid them down now and no longer read on those subjects because I can't keep my mouth shut in public.

Genealogy is a very interesting subject but I've found people's eyes glaze over quickly if that's not their interest.  If it is their interest they likely don't want to listen to your family stories.  They'd rather listen to their own family stories.  Genealogy drops like a rock in public conversation.

Cooking is another popular subject.  My eyes glaze over very quickly on this topic.  I don't cook.  I don't want to cook and I don't want to read about cooking.

Now I have a problem.  I could go on and on about reading interests but this post is already to long.  What do I enjoy reading?  I'll be back tomorrow to tell you.

What topics do you enjoy reading?

Saturday, June 28, 2014

¿Quién no ha tenido al típico amigo que se cree que sabe hacer truquitos con un Zippo? Pues éste es el amigo de todos. No sólo se le da tremendamente mal hacer los trucos de machito yonkarra cierrabares, sino que es capaz de hacerse la depilación instantánea. Creo que la pregunta es ¿por qué se graba?

Thursday, June 26, 2014

Nunca la moda callejera fue tan estúpida. La verdad es que no puedo contenerme la risa viendo como van vestidos, parecen hobbits payasos "Hola niños... ¿cómo están ustedes...?" ¿Ha ustedes les da miedo, les imponen respeto? Se supone que debería ser eso...

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

¡Cuántas alegrías nos hemos llevado al conocer la noticia! ¡Ya está bien de robar impunemente a los usuarios con la connivencia del gobierno! Justo un par de días después de ser reelegido Teddy Bautista como presidente de la Sociedad General de Autores. ¡A la cárcel con todos ellos por lucrarse a costa de todos!

Ojito con lo que miráis primero.

¡Manolo! Tú empieza por allí que yo lo hago por allá y terminamos en un santiamén...